Sample Shot Pattern

This is a sample shot pattern for SSPAV111. Each shot pattern includes a diagram demonstrating the players and movement of the ball during the play, a detailed description, and a video example of the shot pattern in action. Signing up will give you access to hundreds of shot patterns like the one below.

High and deep to a corner and volley crosscourt
The beginning of this singles shot pattern is very common leading to a variety of tactics. Putting together these shots can produce many opportunities. Start by playing a sequence of high deep balls to a corner especially to the backhand side. You are trying to force your opponent into hitting a high floating return. On this return move in and play it out of the air with a volley crosscourt.
Here’s a pro clip for this shot pattern. The pro plays a ball deep to the corner and sensing her opponent in a defensive position moves in and executes a winning volley crosscourt.
Tip: Add more shots to improve your tennis strategies and game especially shots that go together. For example, learn to hit a deep ball and then a short ball. See a teaching professional or coach to help develop these new shots!