Sample Reports

In the Reports section you access valuable information from past matches (these reports make it easy to learn from your matches and quickly improve) and set up and print a match strategies and shot pattern checklist for your next match.  Here are some samples:

1. View Style Report for All Matches  (singles and doubles)

This report shows your overall record for both singles and doubles and breaks down wins and losses verses your opponents playing styles

2. Post-match report Singles  and Post-match report Losses

This report shows data for a specific match or a group of matches; for example all your losses, all your wins, all your matches against a certain style, etc. or data from all your matches.  The graphs average your general shots statistics and or you can also rate specific shot patterns.

3. Pre-match report

This report allows you to set up and print a match strategy and shot pattern checklist for your next match.  You can base it on strategies that will work best against a specific playing style of your opponent or see a variety of strategies.  You can also add specific shot patterns as reminders and to rate post match.