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Registration and FAQ's

6-Month Subscrition:      $29.99                  
12-Month Subscription:  $49.99

What is included in a player subscription to

A player subscription allows access to all areas of the site. You can start by taking the playing profile questionnaire to find your dominant playing style in singles and in doubles. Then for your next match you can find specific shot patterns and strategies, you can print this to take to the courts. You can also track and analyze your matches and view reports. You can also search for shot patterns and view all the video clips.

What will you learn from tracking matches and opponents?

One of the quickest ways to improve your tennis and win more matches is to improve your shot patterns and strategies. By tracking your matches you can easily determine what shot patterns you have trouble with and need to improve and what works best against the different playing styles.

How do you create a pre-match strategy if you don’t know your opponent’s playing style?

The Find Strategies function provides strategies and related shot patterns for four areas; when you are serving, receiving, from the baseline and moving to the net. You can either pick an opponent’s playing style and find specific shot patterns and strategies that will work best against that style (based on your playing style and strengths and weakness) or choose ANY for your opponent’s playing style.

Can you view shot patterns you need to develop to go to the next level?

Yes under our search section you can pick different categories and attributes to see different shot patterns. For example if you are a 3.5 player you can search for shot patterns often used by 4.0 players in specific areas such as when serving.

What information will match reports show?

You have many options when you want to review your match reports. For example, you can group your report to show only matches you lost to see if there are any patterns. Or view only matches you won. You can also group by playing styles of your opponents. Match reports also allow you to track your shot and strategy ratings.